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Achieving her goals through sports

By Ayla Cruz

Keeley-Shea Britt has had a strong interest in sports almost her whole life and plans to turn that interest into a career.  

Keeley from Wilmington North Carolina, describes herself as “ambitious and determined.” Those traits have carried her to success in her high school sports career.

During her freshman year, she was the only 9th grader on the varsity women’s basketball team. As a rising senior, she will serve the role of captain on the varsity women’s basketball team and continue playing varsity soccer.

As a child she dreamed of being a television weather girl and said she always felt “-interest in sports and people on camera.” These interests, along with inspiration from her older sister (a rising college senior and an aspiring journalist), led her to what her dream job would be: a sports broadcaster.

Another role model who inspires Keeley is Erin Andrews of ESPN. Erin Andrews is a sportscaster and television personality, whose main role on ESPN is sideline broadcasting and after game interviewing.  Keeley aspires to have a role in sports media similar to Erin Andrews.

Keeley’s favorite aspect of sports broadcasting is “the connection that you build with people during those interviews.” Keeley is an active member of Beta Club, student council, and National Honor Society, all key factors in her pursuit of success.